Pure View Glass Railing System

Open up the world around you

Fortress Pure View combines the ultimate view of surrounding scenery with the strength and durability of tempered glass that allows for full enjoyment of the outdoors with increased air circulation.  The individual glass balusters provide a pure view without the higher material costs, installation costs and more difficult cleaning associated with glass sheet panel systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Open your view.  It's clearly a good idea!
  • 5/16" thick tempered glass in heights of 26", 34" and 40" to build 36" or 42" railing
  • 4 different installation options for a variety of finished looks
  • 3 unique shades: clear, bronze and smoke
  • Both straight and stair options available
  • Cost effective and elegant glass railing system eliminating custom cutting of glass panels
  • Standing strong against tough winds and rough weather, Pure View Glass Railing System also allows for increased air circulation between glass panels
  • Tested in accordance with IRC & OBC/NBCC
Elegance & Style that is Virtually Maintenance Free

Pure View Glass Railing System offers elegance and style without compromising the view. The ease of sliding the tempered glass panels into pre-routed slots of the top and bottom Pure View Rails, provides a classy full iron or aluminum glass railing system. The beveled edge of each glass panel adds to its distinct beauty and brings an additional bit of flair and sophistication to an outdoor sanctuary.

Its 3.75" wide panels allow for easier cleaning by providing the ability to reach between panels. This is much easier than leaning over the top of full custom cut glass sheets. Finally, homeowners will be able to enjoy the outdoors with the increased air circulation between glass panels, which will be a refreshing change from sealed off glass panes.

Easy Installation Options

Fortress offers additional accessories with easy installation in mind, such as Nylon Mounting Shoes, Polished Pure View Clips, and Stainless Steel Mounting Screws, all for us with traditional wood rails or composite lumber.  For a full iron and glass installation, simply install Pure View Rails for a fast and simple installation.

Glass Railing Comparison
  FortressFull Glass Pane
Quick and easy installation
Quicker installation time than glass panel sheets.
Contractors can install themselves without using custom glass shop.
Pre-fabricated, pre-slotted panels are most installation friendly.
Slow installation
Custom measurements increase installation time.
Generally requires a custom glass company.
Easy to clean
Cleaning is quick, safe, and simple with the ability to easily reach between the panels
Difficult to clean
Increased cleaning time as well as physical risk because of the need to reach over the full glass section or to getting on a ladder
Decreased labor time and materials. No custom cutting required.
Increased labor time and materials. Custom cutting required in most cases.

Code Testing

Code Classification
Pure View Glass Balusters
IRC 1 & 2-Family Dwelling
Fe26 Pure View Rails
IRC 1 & 2-Family Dwelling

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