Fe26 Iron Railing

It's not typical wrought iron railing, it's Fortress

Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing is a pre-welded, easily customized and enhanced version of traditional iron railing that brings unparalleled quality to any patio, deck or balcony.  It provides a clean, classic appearance that is versatile for a variety of applications and surfaces.  Pre-galvanized steel, zince phosphate, DuPont® e-coat and DuPont® premium powder coating make it the most elegant and durable iron railing system on the market.

Features & Benefits

  • 6' & 8' pre-welded sections (1" rail, 5/8" pickets)
  • Pre-galvanized, zince phosphate, DuPont® e-coat and DuPont® powder coated iron
  • Strongest and most attractive iron railing system on the market
  • Beautiful and unique customizing options with a wide selection of accessories right at your fingertips
  • Available in standard Gloss Black and some products are also available in premium textured finishes:  Antique Bronze & Black Sand
  • Peace of mind with a 15 year manufacturer warranty
  • Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing is tested in accordance with AC 273 & OBC/NBCC

Virtually Maintenance Free

Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing is virtually maintenance free, which translates into more time enjoying your fortress and less time maintaining it! With the ability to resist effects of weathering, Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing is coated with FortressShield which is a specialized mixture that encompasses a premium powder coating loaded with UV inhibitors and a heavy zinc galvanization treatment.

Premium Finishes

In addition to standard Gloss Black, two premium textured finishes are available for a number of Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing Products.  Antique Bronze as well as Black Sand are stocking items for specific products.  Please contact your local retailer for more information on product availability in these premium textured finishes.

Railing Comparison

Fortress Fe26
Optimal Vision
Strong, sleek profile
Obstructs the view
Obstructs the view
Shiny/Artificial Appearance
Can grab too much attention
Installed Cost
Virtually Maintenance Free
Resistant to staining; No continual painting necessary to maintain appearance
Low Maintenance
Can be stain spotted; Mold can be an issue in some cases. Sagging can occur on 8' sections
High Maintenance
Requires regular staining, painting, and sealing to maintain appearance
Virtually Maintenance Free
Tends to show dirt; Potential in cracking; Sometimes needs painting
Very Strong
Strongest material
Less Strong
Weaker structure
Splintering and splitting fairly common
Less Strong
Utilizes supports for strength

Code Testing

Code Classification
Fe26 Traditional Panels
IRC 1 & 2-Family Dwelling
Fe26 2" Posts
IRC 1 & 2-Family Dwelling
Fe26 3" Posts
IRC 1 & 2-Family Dwelling
Fe26 Collar Brackets
IRC 1 & 2-Family Dwelling
Fe26 Universal Brackets
IRC 1 & 2-Family Dwelling
Fe26 2" Fascia Mount Brackets
IRC 1 & 2-Family Dwelling

Custom Color Program

Color has a profound effect that increases style and design and is an important part of expression.  Color is an essential element that enhances everyday life, which is why Fortress offers an exceptional Custom Powder Coating Program to bring an amazing variety of premium finishes to meet any distinct needs.  Find out more information about the Fortress Custom Color Program.

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