Mega Series Railing

Mega Series Balusters

Mega Series keeps the symmetry with other decking materials with its square profile

  • 100% pre-galvanized 3/4" square iron baluster with a variety of stunning designs: plain, 1 basket, 2 basket, 1 twist and 2 twist
  • 3 premium powder coat finishes: Gloss Black, Antique Bronze & Black Sand
  • 26" or 32" for a total 36" or 42" height railing
  • Simple rail-to-rail installation using Mega EZ Mounts or Shoes
  • Tested in accordance with IRC & OBC/NBCC

Mega EZ Mounts and Mega Shoes offer quick and easy installation. Simply install the EZ Mounts or Shoes onto the top and bottom rails, Secure Mega Balusters in the desired pattern and attach the rails to the posts using Fortress Nylon Railing Brackets.

Styles: Plain, 1 Basket, 2 Basket, 1 Twist & 2 Twist

Sample Installation

Mega EZ Mounts

Simply install Mega EZ Mounts into rail and place baluster over the EZ Mount for fast installation. EZ Mounts are hidden once the balusters have been installed.

Mega Shoes

Mega Shoes utilize the same design as the Mega EZ Mounts. Simply install the Mega Shoe onto the rail and place baluster into the shoe. Mega Shoes add an additional decorative element with its sleek shape and design.

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